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AMI Hot side and cold side removable insulation pad component systems provide everything needs to insult high access areas and piping, valves and equipment for your plant. Against the pipe or valve AMI offers a variety of options including VEXTRA AMI-TUF and AMI-GLAS. The outer cover of you insulation pads provides critical protection including water and oil resistant as well as heat protection.

AMI —The First To Meet FM Approvals

AMI was the first company in the world to have hot for fabrics tested and approved by FM Approvals, having maintained this status since 2004. AMI continue to lead the way by offering the largest selection of certified U.S made hot work fabrics for any kind of horizontal or vertical hot work procedure including, welding, grinding, heat-treating and sand blasting. While other companies have followed by getting their products third-party tested, none of these have as many choices to meet any application.